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2010 SKETCHBOOK (60 pages, black/white/tone, print run 100 copies)


Monday, April 28, 2008


My approach to the new pages has been to draw the foreground figures in ink and then draw the backgrounds in gray tones, either with ink wash or markers. This did not work out as well as I hoped, because I ruined some of the panels. I am now drawing the backgrounds on separate paper and combining the foreground and background digitally.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Artist's Alley

Together with Marvin Mann and David Moran, I participated in an interview that covered all aspects of creating independent comic book making. I got to talk about my influences and inspirations, as well as what my thought process is for writing and laying out storytelling.

The first part is here:

  • Artist's Alley at Broken Frontier


    and from there you can follow the links to the subsequent chapters.

    Below is the inside front cover for issue #4 of "Robotika: For A Few Rubles More":

    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Random fight panels from #4

    Another fight

    More fighting in the "danger room".

    New art

    I am currently penciling issue #4. It's a bit slow going, but I am making progress. The storytelling is a bit complicated for this last issue (because there is so much content that had to be included, I had to be creative with page layouts...and still I had to expand the issue to 28 pages). Here are snips of pencils from a few pages showing a fight scene.