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Monday, April 13, 2015

Dark Crystal III is complete, now on to Amazon!

It is hard for me to believe, but after almost 4 years of work, I have completed the art for three original Dark Crystal graphic novels. There were other projects throughout (Strangeways story with Matt Maxwell, Outlaw Territory story with Ryan Sook, Cave Girl with Dan Fogler, Kristo with Sam Roads, and the newly printed Odd Ball with Norman Felchle), but Dark Crystal work has always been it is out of my hands, going through lettering/coloring/formatting. The solicitation states that the final third volume will be out by August of 2015.

Dark Crystal volumes 1 and 2 have already sold out and volume 1 (that once made it onto the New Year Bestseller List) will get a new softcover edition this year.

Working on Dark Crystal helped push me in developing as a better visual storyteller and I got a chance to work more on my process of actually drawing finished comic book pages. I am far from my ideal goal, but I am making progress (in the right direction).

As I was nearing the end of my work on Dark Crystal, I got a call from Paul Morrissey. Paul was my editor on Dark Crystal volume 2, as well as Legends of Mouse Guard volume 1. He was now working for Jet City Comics (a graphic novel division of and wanted to see if I would be available to work on one of his projects. I have always enjoyed working with Paul, so the answer was "yes", but Paul also told me that he would like to also have Lizzy John on the art team. Lizzy has done a fantastic job painting over my scribbles for all three Dark Crystal volumes and on the 50+ page Cave Girl story. My "yes" became a resounding "YES"!

There hasn't been an official announcement yet, so I'll hold off until the next post to talk about the actual title of the project and the writer associated with it, but I can mention that apart from a chance to work with Paul and Lizzy again, I am really excited about a chance to draw a fantasy graphic novel of over 100 pages and try to make it as unique as the source material!

More next time...