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Thursday, October 10, 2013

APE, Moon Lake 2, and Kickstarter Kristo

I will be attending APE convention in San Francisco this weekend, Oct 12 and 13. The convention is open 11am to 6 pm and I am planning on being there for the duration, so please do come by and see the originals for "Cave Girl" and "Dark Crystal". I will be sharing a table with Charles Yoakum, who will have the second installment of his most excellent "Carnival" series. Come by Table #824 and check it out!

I would also be happy to show anyone who is interested the new page from the Kickstarter project "Kristo". I feel that in the last few days I got a good handle on the working together with Sam and we have completed 10 new pages. Just 20 more pages to go.

In other news, the 50 page "Cave Girl" story will be published in "Moon Lake 2" from Archaia/BOOM!. The print date has been set to December 7. This was lots of fun to draw: barbarians, dinosaurs, zombies, shamans...zombie dinosaurs!