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Sunday, February 28, 2016

New art

A start of a new project :)

A few of the recent illustrations completed for Onyx Publishing.

Alex Nino at New Comics Group and Innovation in the 1990s

A cover to the first Chuck Dixon / Alex Nino "Demon Blade" from NCG. Just love that cover and wish Nino did more painted work like that.

Alex Nino also did one issue of "Nightmare" for a company called Innovation. I loved everything about it...except maybe the coloring (which, through no fault of the colorist, was a result of the growing pains that comics were going through at the was all about trying to find a sweet spot between the better printing technology, better paper, and new coloring techniques).

I know for a fact that Nino drew a second issue that never got published. I know that for sure, because a few years ago, on E-Bay, I purchased a page of original Nino art from Nightmare #2. That is for some future post :)

Young Master by Larry Hama and Val Mayerik

One of my favorite series from the late 80's published by New Comics Group (NCG) featuring the scripts by Larry Hama and full artwork by Val Mayerik. The covers, also painted by Mayerik, were outstanding. Issue #5 featured the art of another great artist, Alex Nino. Later, Nino went on to produce two issues of "Demon Blade" for NCG (with Chuck Dixon scripts). Regretfully, the "Demon Blade" issues were printed a bit too dark, so lots of Nino's line work got lots in the process...maybe now, in the Age of Reprints, someone will find the originals and do that book justice (as well as come out with a "Young Master" collection!).