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Monday, October 03, 2005

Hanging out with my heroes.

Fantastic Frank Cirocco making what will go down in history as the best rib BBQ dinner...ever!

From left to right: Fabulous Frank Cirocco, Luscious Lela Dowling, and Bodacious Barbara Barni somewhere in the woods.
One of the highlites of the evening was seeing the almost completed layouts for Lela's artbook. The range of illustrations is awesome and I can't wait for the book to come out. My favorite section was the ABC chapter with individual color illustrations and clever one liners for every letter. Great stuff.

Rapturous Ryan Sook and the original NIKO THE SAMURAI!
We spent the evening eating, laughing, and talking about the good things in life. Also I got to look at Ryan's originals...he has such elegance with storytelling and drawing. It feels like I just brute force my way through drawings, but Ryan always figures out a new way of depicting scenes...and he draws so well. Very inspirational, I can't wait to start drawing again!

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