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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Post WonderCon

Yesterday I got a call from Ryan. He called to wish my son a happy birthday (2!) and also to let me know that the baby blanket, that I forgot at the convention, got passed along to Mick so I should be able to pick that up anytime. And then we just talked about comics and drawing and all sorts of stuff. Talking to Ryan always lifts my spirit and helps me see things from a different perspective. He has an unbound enthusiasm for life and I am very fortunate to have him and Michelle as friends. It was great time. He has some very exciting things happening with his career and I can't wait to see his next assignment!

Today I got an e-mail from Tony Salmons telling me that he did indeed finish the pin-up for Robotika. If only, I came back to the convention on Sunday, I could of had it in my hot little hands now. Instead he is going to send it to me. I very much look forward to that.

I have been very fortunate in being able to have some of my all-time art heroes make a contributin to the Robotika project. I tried to include a special guest artist treat in every issue:
#1 has the (of course) beautiful cover by Ryan Sook,
#2 has a 6-page story illustrated (brilliantly) by Leif Jones (who also contributes a wonderful back cover),
#3 has (heroic) Frank Cirocco, (Zen-like) Benoit Springer, (hilarious) Norman Felchle, and (royal) JH Williams III pin-ups, and
#4...will also have a few nice surprises :)

Currently, I working with Jeremy Mohler and Jason Felix to see if they will be able to contribute some of their innovative art to the series.

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