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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Does anyone speak French?

Here are some folks talking about French. If anyone can help me out and translate what is being said, I would be very thankful :)

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    Sergovic said...

    I stumbled upon this and i translated the forum, hope you're ok with that. I for one like robotika a lot, it has a lot of today twists to it and influences, it reminded me of Samurai Jack on the Cartoon Network. Big fan of that cartoon. Really nice work, congrats. Good luck with your projects.

    Here's the forum translation.
    (there are bits and pieces that don't seem in place because they're in french)

    chouetteunhibou: cool, but the first pages seem to lack partly in the backgrounds

    Hob: A few, but there's a lot of cool stuff in his drawings

    NRV: I'd have to see in on paper, but like this i don't like the colors

    mr nix: The colors make the comic look amateur

    Scourge: I enjoyed more the previous episodes... the backgrounds seem only sketched. About the comic, i don't know... watch more previews? attend a convention?
    Scourge is waiting...

    monsieur: If i can make a little comment here Scourge, seeing you're redoing old stuff nowadays, it seem by your high saturation that you shouldn't remake what you feel you should remake, if you have questions there already, on the necessity of remaking old stuff, i think it's best to "refocus" on some series you're drawn visually.

    Scourge: Get it, got it, good.
    I really have the tendency to get my hopes up really fast... i should really have a new look at those old

    axlreznor: about the continuity and the words, really dynamic and personnel.