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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Old School

Archaia Studios has been getting lots of nice press lately. Here is a sample of what folks are writing:
  • ComicReaders

  • ForeWordMagazine

  • A few weeks ago I got together with Ryan for lunch. We showed each other the pages we were working on and just had a great time talking and hanging out. At one point during the art "show and tell", Ryan casually mentioned that my originals are "giant". I was kind of surprised at that, "I work in standard size" I replied. Ryan gave me a sidelong glance and said, "Standard in the 70's maybe." I looked at his originals for the Wildstorm story he is working on and sure enough they were smaller...I went home and looked at the Dark Horse pages that Brian sent me...sure enough the space is only about 9x13.25 (as compared to 10x15 that I have been using), that is a huge (!) difference.

    I just finished cutting a new batch of bristol to the new specifications...I am really looking forward to trying this new format.

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    Brian Churilla said...

    it might be harder going smaller considering how much brush you use. sometimes it's easier from a drawing stand point though. the watchdogs pages were 15x25. no wonder it took me so long.