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Monday, April 12, 2010

Alex Toth : Red Circle Sorcery #8 (1974)

So why are there not more Alex Toth reprints? Pure Imagination is putting out books of his work, but they only print copyright free material from the 1950 and 1960. How come DC won't put out a Alex Toth reprint of all his short mystery, love, and war stories? I would not even care if it is just a black/white reprint. There is about 50 pages of Toth in the first House of Mystery volume and another 36 pages in the first volume of Secrets of Sinister House...but why not just a straight-up 300 page Toth reprint? Who can I write to?

Below is 1974 story from Red Circle Sorcery:


Jack Keefer said...

Thanks for posting the nice Toth story!

Alex Sheikman said...


My pleasure. You might not realize this, but you were one of the people who helped me "discover" Alex Toth. Thank you!