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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Jim Starlin Returns to Thanos in an original Marvel Graphic Novel in 2014!

There was the "Death of Captain Marvel" that was incredible and now Starlin is returning to Marvel with a new graphic novel centered around Thanos called "Thanos: The Infinity Revelation". Here is what Starlin had to say in a recent interview: "'s mainly Thanos' and Adam Warlock's story...I think Warlock is the closest thing Thanos has to a friend. Warlock has always approached him after they've gone through a few things, saying, "How can I minimize what he's going to do?" Thanos at this point has come to the realization that he is insane. He's working on a whole different level of reality than anyone else, other than perhaps Warlock. Warlock is also out of the norm. Death doesn't have a real heavy sway on either one of them. They tend to be cast as players in cosmic dramas that are way beyond their plane of existence. Both have learnt to expect the unexpected, to try and let as little damage be done by what we're doing as possible. That's not always a consideration for Thanos, but certainly for Warlock. This is a story of undefined obsession, mostly on Thanos' part. I know that's obscure, but I'd rather not go any farther than that." Can't wait! More on

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