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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Reviews (II) and a drawing

I just read a two very nice reviews for the first issue. Here is one:

  • Ichiban

  • and here is another:
  • PopImage

  • I also just finished another idea for a Robotika drawing. I am trying to capture all the elements of the storyline in one illustration.


    Ichiban Sensei said...

    Hey Alex, I just happened upon your blog here, thanks for putting my review up on your blog!

    I was reading that bit on Cherokee's vertical thingy, and I like what you're doing. Too often, the reader is looking for the easy out, so I'm impressed that you're making us re-learn how to read, in way that is more rich in thought!

    Good luck with Robotika!

    Alex Sheikman said...

    The vertical text is resolved on the last 2 pages of issue #4, and I do hope that everyone will enjoy the series enough to follow it to the end.

    Thank you for supporting independent titles (including Robotika!)

    Alex Sheikman-