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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Norman Felchle, Brian Churilla and Mahmud Asrar

I have always dreamed of being an editor. Not the kind of an editor who worries about the deadlines, or about what will sell and what won't sell, but the kind of an editor who matches up cool stories to talented artists with awesome comics being the result.

Working on Robotika gave me a chance to do that a little bit. In the first series I was fortunate enough to recruite Leif Jones and Travis Sengaus to do 6 page back-ups and I also was very pleased to offer pin-ups by Frank Cirocco, Jeremy Mohler, Benoit Springer, Norman Felchle, Jim Williams III, Ryan Sook, and Tony Salmons.

Working on the second Robotika series is proving to be an even better experience. In part this is due to the fact that I am now working with David Moran, who is a real writer and who has been delivering excellent scripts. I have already mentioned that Brian Churilla is working on a 6 page back-up called "Once Upon The Time..." and I am now very pleased to announce that Norman Felchle has agreed to illustrate a 6 page Dr. Agon origin story called "Dr. Agon or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Cyber-Robotic Enchancements".

Norman started out working in comics on such titles as "The Griffin", "S.T.A.R Corps", "Legends of the Dark Night" and "Spider-Man". Recently he has been applying his talents designing video games and in fact gained a following for his work on the "Alice" game for Electronic Arts. He has a great Sketchbook available that showcases his abilities and features lots of unpublished design artwork. I am very pleased that Norman has agreed to make a "return" to comics with Robotika and I am very much looking forward to seeing his interpretation of David's script.

I am also working with Mahmud Asrar, a very talented artist from Turkey. I was first introduced to Mahmud's work at Digital Webbing and have been following his postings on his website. Mahmud just recently got signed-up to draw "Dynamo 5", a new series from Image. I hope to be able to feature a few pin-up and maybe a short Robotika back-up story by him in the upcomming Robotika sequel.

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