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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

One-a-Day #18

I just recently read "Warlord of Mars" and I really loved the whole retro-sci-fi idea. I did some searching on the web and discovered that a noted illustrator, Frank Schoonover, was the original illustrator for "Warlord of Mars". Here is his cover and my sketch based on it. It was fun to do, I had lots of fun figuring out the gun belt and all the doodads.

One thing I was playing with the John Carter's hair style. He was a Civil War veteran, so I wanted to give him a bit more of the Buffalo Bill look.


Brian Churilla said...


John said...

Terrific! Man, I'd love to see you do an adaptation of a Barsoom book. (And I'd like to write it, of course...)

Marvin Mann said...

Have you seen that A Princess of Mars is coming to the big screen?

I read Burroughs Barsoom books many decades ago and am excited to see this.

And I like the approach of giving John Carter the "imperial" style facial hair.

John said...

Yes, I saw that news! I hope it's a good movie. They have the guy who played "Gambit" in WOLVERINE playing John Carter, and Wolvie's love-interest from that movie is playing Dejah Thoris. It's also being made by Disney, and Pixar is doing the special effects/animations. So you know the animation will be excellent--but my chief worry is the Disney might turn it into a "kid's film." If they can maintain the original integrity of the book and keep it at least a PG-13, it has a good shot at being great. After all, this is a story with a LOT of swordfights and spilling of Martian blood! If they take the "war" out of Mars, well that wouldn't be a good I hope they stay true to ERB's vision.