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Monday, July 27, 2009

ONE-a-DAY #33-35

This was a take on David Petersen's "Mouse Guard".

I don't usually go for the pin-up artists, but I just recently "discovered" Petty ( there is enough of Leyendecker influence in his work to catch my eye). These are sketches made from his drawings.

I had an idea for this that did not work out...but I like all the shapes. There are some dynamics that my figures lack a lot of the times :(


Jason Copland said...

Is that dry brush I see in the Mouse Guard drawing? Looks great!

Randy Lander said...

*Love* that Mouse Guard piece.

Unknown said...

Love the Mouse Guard pin-up--it's Mouseguardika!

Alex Sheikman said...

I appreciate all the positive feedback :)

Not dry brush, but a bit of texturing with a piece of sponge dipped into ink and dried off a bit. I am trying a few different thing in the sketchbook: doing splatter with different brushes and creating textures with different materials (like cloth and old sponges).

Jason Copland said...

You know, a sponge is one of those tricks I've never tried. Good to see you cranking these sketches out, Alex. More of your work is always a good thing!

Leif Jones said...

George Petty is probably my favorite pin-up artist, not only because I like the specific stylization he used, but also because they are all from the same model: his daughter. It's like she's a thick ankled posable action figure!

I dig the MOUSE GUARD piece. Has an almost "underground" feel to the line work.