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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Amazon Author's Page

I spent a couple of minutes on Amazon over the weekend (ordering books of course) and while there I somehow stumbled on an invitation to put together an "author's page". I figured I would give it a try. It took amazon a couple of days while they were checking with the publisher to make sure I was who I said I was, but just today I was "cleared" and the new page went-up...regretfully, I have no idea where my BWS look alike photo is, so I used whatever was handy in the photo folder.

  • Author's Page

  • The real cool thing is that I actually have a couple of items that can be put on the page :)!

    And I was just told that there is a Wiki page devoted to cool is that. I read the synopsis and thought that it was excellent that someone took the time to create that!

  • Wiki Page

    norm said...

    That is cool...they really put in some time on that.

    Alex Sheikman said...

    Yes, I almost would like to find out who took the time and thank them because they did a real thorough job.

    I always thought that the first Robotika series, even though it might have rough spots, was a pretty straight forward story, but I have gotten so many people telling me that they could not follow the story I started wondering if I put in too much ambiguity into the storytelling...reading the Wiki entry was great because the writer got everything :)

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