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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haiku...and "Has anyone heard about this Steranko book?"

I found a cool book called "Steranko: Visual Theory, Volume 1" that Steranko published himself back in 2003. I found it through a review printed HERE.

I followed the link at the bottom of the review and found this:
  • Visual Theory

  • It appears that is it still available for purchase (!). Is this real? Has anyone tried ordering this before from this site?


    John Taber said...

    Hi Alex: Boy that site looks fishy. I would definitely call the phone number and order it that way so I could make sure it was a legitimate outfit. That book does look nice. :) If you end up ordering one let me know.
    John T>

    Alex Sheikman said...


    I am going to go carefully with this one...I'll let you know how it will work out :)

    Tony said...

    Hi Alex, now that you have the book, are you going to update this blog?