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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Claire Wendling "Daisies"

Claire Wendling is a wonderful artist who started in French comics and later on moved on to doing concept fork for films and other commercial illustration.

Last year, Stuart Ng Books published an very nice 40 page collection of Claire's sketches titled "Daisies". It seems that there is now a new edition with the same name published in France. The differences are that the French edition is hardbound AND is 61 pages.

I am very curious about this book and if anyone has any info I would very much appreciate it. At the moment, I am assuming that this is a totally different collection. The reason for my assumption is that Claire Wendling has a history os releasing books with the same name but different content. It is kind of funny, but up to date she has done 2 versions of "Drawers", "Iguana Bay", and "Desk". I find this fascinating because it seems that while everybody else is just repackaging the same material and renaming it to sell more copies, her strategy seems to be to release new material...under the same title.


norm said...

Here's what I found on Amazon France:

norm said...

or much better, here on Amazon Canada:

norm said...

I just pre-ordered it (I hope that wasn't a rash action....)

Alex Sheikman said...


I know you can read French, so here is an article about it by the creator of SkyDoll:

I tried running it through BabelFish and as far as I can's all new stuff!