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Monday, June 14, 2010

WWII crime noir and Stalin

This is a concept drawing for a possible project:

I want to thank everyone who came by on Saturday to say "Hi". Very much enjoyed seeing some old friends and meeting new people...almost makes me think I should do more conventions :)


John Taber said...

Loved saying hello, chatting about old times, and new projects. I also covet the picture you did in my Robotika book...[drool]...

Take care!

Alex Sheikman said...

It was wonderful to see and I appreciate you taking the time to come by and chat. A little after you left, Norman Felchle came by to say "HI". It was too bad you guys missed each other.

norm said...

Alex, it was nice to see you and Mick (too bad about missing John)

The next day Gail and I went by Frank and Lela's to see the gallery and say "hi" on Frank's birthday.
He had your sketchbook there and he went on and on in glowing terms about your work (as he always does).
...I just wanted to mention that.