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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Thank you :)

A shout out to everyone who stopped by to say "Hi" and hang out at Hijinx this weekend! It was a pleasure to spend some time promoting comics' medium in the company of Hijinx's owner Neil Ferris and Flesk Publications publisher John Fleskes.

Neil welcomed everybody into his store and had everything from free comics to special discounts on his inventory. John was able to bring out some of his books and engaged folks in conversation about fine art and different artists. I got to hang out and talk about the upcoming Dark Crystal book. It was fun!

You guys can check out Flesk Publications at:
Flesk Publications

And if you decide you want to stop by at Hijinx, check it out at:

And a special shout out to Blue_Jay and Tom (you guys know who you are!) for making the special trip to hang out. Much appreciated gentlemen!

1 comment:

Tom said...

Good seeing you on Saturday.
The Dark Crystal stuff looks outstanding!