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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What language is this?

I got a link to another review of the Dark Crystal FCBD giveaway (thank you Todd!)...but I have no idea what language it is in. I think it's's definitely not German or Dutch....
Dark Crystal in ?


Keefer said...

I think it might be Swedish.

Dan said...

Yeah, ".se" is the top level domain used by Sweden. Furthermore, if you open a page written in a foreign language in google's Chrome browser, it will identify the language for you, and offer to translate it. So, yes: Swedish.

Dan said...

Here's google's translation:

Archaia Studios The Dark Crystal team, which also share files with Shazamfavoriten Mouse Guard, Brian Holguin (screenplay) and Alex Sheikman (drawings) is doing a great job of managing the magical feeling of the Jim Henson classic from 1982. But they also had Brian Froud, who was behind much of the film's design during the project. Later this year, the first album, which despite the somewhat unimaginative title "The Dark Crystal: The Origin of the Dark Crystal makes me impatient to wait on the grant date.