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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dark Crystal page 3...I guess it's OK to post

The colored version was posted by Stephen Christy on his twitter account, so I figure I can post the original.

I have been working on the first Dark Crystal graphic novel (of three that are planned) since mid April. I got about 30 pages done, so I feel we are making progress. The hope is to get the script approved and have me finish the art in September....then we wait and see what the reaction might be.


Dan said...

Wow, man - that is outstanding.

Keefer said...

Very nice!

Alex Sheikman said...

Dan and James,
Thank you :)

I pencil first, then go over the pencil with a darker something (sometimes softer pencil, sometimes ink) and after that I apply the washes and markers. Different way of working for me and fun!