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2010 SKETCHBOOK (60 pages, black/white/tone, print run 100 copies)


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Creepy Presents Alex Toth!

I don't claim to be a scholar of Alex Toth's work. I have been aware of his work for years and even blogged about it here , but I feel that there is a lack of Alex Toth centric reprint collections and thus unless you stumble on one of his short stories by accident in some House of Mystery collection, you won't be exposed to his art.

A lot more Alex Toth art is now available thanks to the recent release of IDWs three volume collection. Seeing a number of individual pages scanned in from the originals was awesome and very inspirational for me. However I feel that Alex Toth can truly be appreciated as a storyteller, only if you read his complete stories. At least that has been my desire.

And my desire has been satisfied! I just received "Creepy Presents Alex Toth" from Dark Horse. The book stands at 168 pages! All pages are sequential stories!

I might upset some folks when I state that, for me, the material is somewhat uneven. It appears that Toth tried to experiment on almost every story... and some are much more successful results than others. Lots of stories that I never seen before, which is a pleasant surprise AND 4 stories that are penciled by other artists and inked/finished by Toth. Toth was a "heavy handed" inker and there is a lot more "Toth" in the finished art than Carmine Infantino, Leo Duranona, Leo Summers or Alexis Romero. But that is fascinating and all good. In fact, I think one of the BEST stories in the collection (artwise) is a collaboration between Toth and Duranona called "The Killing".

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