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Friday, September 18, 2009

One-a-Day #60

Norman showed me his copy of Marvel Masterworks Warlock Vol 2...and the next day I ordered a copy. I should have it in a week or two :) So of course I am still drawing Starlin's heroes:

This is a scan of one of the earlier drawings that I took the time to scan before I started inking it...I REALLY like how the blue pencil looks. I migth do a whole story just in blue and black:

This is another one from "the file". Back in the day, when Ryan was working on the very first Hellboy spin-off, BPRD, he was gracious enough to let me try inking a few of his rejected pages. My hope was to build-up an inking sample portfolio to try to get some inking jobs. It did not really work out that way, but I did learn a lot and I had a wonderful time inking Ryan's fact I believe I learned just as much about penciling as I did about inking from this:


norm said...

I think it's a good thing you didn't go down the inking path.
What would have happened to Robotika if you had?

And....that was one of Ryan's discarded pages!?


Alex Sheikman said...

Yeah, Ryan sure got lots of good stuff going on. He is currently being printed in Wednesday Comics doing the Kamandi feature and it looks fantastic. I read the first 6 episodes and it was a wonderful adventure story...I think they are up to number 11 now. The books keeps selling out when I go to the comic shop, so I could not keep up with it :(

riq said...

Great looking stuff!

I love the White Wolf Images.


Anonymous said...