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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another shot at Dark ink

It seems to me that my progress through art is like playing "leap frog". I work hard to get to a certain level at something, and because I concentrate on that one thing (composition, storytelling, human anatomy, animal anatomy...), I get ahead in one area and not in other areas.

When I realize it, I stop and try to "pull up" the rest of my skills. Penciling and inking are perfect examples. I have been inking a lot last year and I started to feel like I could ink just about anything I could pencil and make it better than the original pencils. Once I realized that, I started focusing on my penciling...and if I compare this piece with the penciled drawing I posted just before, I can say that I now need to switch and try to sharpen up my inking again because I am penciling textures that I am just not being able to ink properly :)

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