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Friday, July 23, 2010

What does Archie Goodwin, Walter Simonson, Steve Englehart, and Marshall Rogers have in common?

Other than being great comic book creators they also share: Henry, Emma, and Nico!

I discovered that recently while I was re-reading Englehart/Rogers series called "Scorpio Rose" from Eclipse. I noticed a tourist family in the background and they sure looked familiar...and then I remembered that they were used as "comic relief" in a Manhunter story by Goodwin/Simonson. They were used so well that they stuck in my mind:

The top panel is from Manhunter Chapter 5 (1974) by Goodwin/Simonson and takes place in Istanbul.
The bottom panel is Scorpio Rose #2 from (1983) by Englehart/Rogers.

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