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2010 SKETCHBOOK (60 pages, black/white/tone, print run 100 copies)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

One-a-Day...and Robotika

The second Robotika double-sized issue is now being solicited in previews (JUN090696) and can be either pre-ordered through a local comic shop or bought right here at

I finished a few pin-ups recently. One is for an Italian comic book called "Justice and Bullet" and another for a collected edition of "Primordia" published by Archaia. Doing the pin-ups got me thinking that I have been drawing a lot of Robotika lately and not enough of other 2 weeks ago I started a sketchbook. The idea is to draw something (anything) everyday that is some sort of an experiment for me (either in theme or execution). Here is the first page (I am going to try posting every day a new sketch):


Brian Churilla said...

What, no brush?! Looks great. Kuato lives!!!

Alex Sheikman said...

Yap no brush :)

Believe me Brian, my hand was twitching and I kept thinking "I could do this with that brush and then if I use a smaller brush I could..."

Brian Churilla said...


Leif Jones said...

Okay - awesome!