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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Prom Queen (part 1)

At one point, White Wolf Games, were printing short comic stories in front of same of their role playing books. I did a couple and Leif Jones did a couple (which are totally worth looking up just for the awesome art) and than Leif suggested that we should do one together. I thought that was a great idea and agreed right away. Leif penciled and I inked. I thought Leif did an outstanding job storytelling and I still believe that it is just a cool little horror story. Here is the fist 4 pages:

On Friday, the conclusion and some trivia about this short story :)


Jason Copland said...

Awesome work. You guys work well together. Looking forward to the conclusion!

Leif Jones said...

It's all about the guy with the backpack on page three, right Alex?

Alex Sheikman said...

Yap, that was me :)