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2010 SKETCHBOOK (60 pages, black/white/tone, print run 100 copies)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

StingRay (part 2 pages 5-8)

Yeah, the octopus at the end was my idea :)


Jason Copland said...

Great stuff, Alex! Why is it you didn't do more work for Marvel? These pages look awesome.

Alex Sheikman said...

Hi Jason,

Thank you for the kind words, but I got to disagree with you about the pages...they are just not very good.

They look OK on boards, but once they got reduced and colored they lost a lot. I just was not ready for that when I saw the printed results. I was pretty pumped up when I finished the story, thinking that this was going to be the beginning of my doing some more mainstream work. When the comic book came out and I saw the results I actually went through a mild depression, I knew that I needed to learn how to draw for print, but I was kind of at a loss how to go about it.

Right at that point Jack and I went to San Diego ('94) and I met the writer and the editor on that short story. They talked to me about doing some Thor material, but I told them that I just did not want to pursue comics at the moment. After that I just kind of wondered around the convention floor and I stumbled on White Wolf Games booth. I loved the art that they were displaying and started talking to one of the booth guys (who turned out to be an art director, Larry Snelly).

When I got home I did not return any calls from Marvel, but about a month later I got a call from Larry about doing some illustrations for a Mage role playing game...and that was a start of about 6 years worth of work.

Working for White Wolf I finally started learning about the process of drawing for publication and I got right on at the very start of doing digital pre-press (with a lot of help from Leif Jones!).

So now I am hoping to use everything I have learned and try doing comics again :)