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Friday, November 06, 2009

Prom Queen (part 2)

Here is the conclusion to the story. I think with a tweak here and there it could have been something like an Eerie or a Creepy short:

Around the time that this story was done, I was thinking of trying to be an inker. Funny enough this is the only panel-to-panel story I ever inked...not too good for someone who aspires to ink for a living. I found out that I just don't have the right head to be an inker. I can't really "read" what the penciler wants. To me it's all about what I am using at the moment. For this story I used a brush for just about everything (because I was practicing with the brush and felt very good about handling it) and looking at it now I think it's a real shame. This could have been so much better if I used a bit more variety of line.

I also remember talking to Leif about the story and I believe he was in talks with someone at Dark Horse about submitting samples for their Buffy comic book. He thought that drawing teenage girls in this story would be a perfect try-out to send to the editors. However, he told me, that by the time he was done with the story, he had his fill of drawing high school boppers and that was that.


Leif Jones said...

I could never draw too many high school girls, I just didn't want to draw Sarah Michelle Gellar panel after panel.

And she felt the same way - she didn't like the way I drew her nose.

So that was that.

Alex Sheikman said...

See, now I did not remember that part.

I also just scanned in an inked overlay of Xena that I did over your pencils. It was an "unauthorized" inking practice, but I was going to post it later, to keep on the theme of why I did not make it as an inker :)