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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

One-A-Day #63

Funny enough I am not reading Swamp Thing, but I just sort of felt like drawing it (with a frog on it's head).

I am re-reading Jim Starlin's Dreadstar...I'll write about it more next time when I post new sketches, but I just have to say: it has been a long time since I was able to sit down and read 22 issues of the same series and always be excited about reading the next installment.

The first few issues were pure space opera on grand scale, a tiny band of rebels trying to stop a 200 year war between opposing galactic empires. Battles, politics, strange creatures, and some very intense character origins. Just as their adventures were starting to get empire is destroyed and the rebels are on the run. Then...BAM again...Vanth Dreadstar is almost killed. He revives with the help of magic, but now the small band of rebels has an inside traitor who needs to be found out and they are being pursued by a specially selected "hunt team"...and every issue one rebel team member dies. I am on issue #23 and the rebels are down to 4 right now.

This is really good stuff and is definitely worth a read.


Jason Copland said...

Funny, I was just digging through some of my old comics and came across the first 5 issues of Dreadstar, the Epic Comics run. I remember loving that series, but I think I stopped reading it because I didn't have enough money to buy all the books I wanted to, each week.

Sketch looks cool!

Alex Sheikman said...


I am really enjoying the Dreadstar series. I would be interested in hearing what you think of it if you get a chance to re-read it sometime.

I think the longest title I have read in the last few years has been "All Star Superman", I read all 12 issues...everything else has been miniseries. But I have read 20 odd issues of Dreadstar and I am enjoying every issue.

BY the way, I know you are a Simonson fan, have you ever seen a book called "The Art of Walter Simonson"? I just got a copy for $5 and it has some really cool vintage art, all very sharply reproduced. It was published back in 1989 and contains all of his DC work except for the "Manhunter" series.

Jason Copland said...

I don't think I've seen the Simonson book... would be cool to have. I have the Walt Simonson Modern Masters (vol 8) and Panel Discussions, both by TwoMorrows Publishing. Those are great sources of Simonson's sketches and process.

I'd have to dig to try and find those Dreadstar books. My comics are in various piles all over my studio. Near impossible to find something in particular! :)

Alex Sheikman said...

I also have the Moder Masters volume with Simonson and I loved reading it. I think he has some great storytelling ideas and how they can be implemented in comics.

I don't have the "Panel Discussions" that like an interview with Simonson?

Jason Copland said...

Yeah, it's interviews about process with a bunch of impressive creators. Have a look:

Jason Copland said...

Sorry, I think I got the URL wrong.. try this one

norm said...

Alex, If you want to check out panel discussions, I have a copy