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Friday, October 09, 2009

One-a-Day #64...Jim Starlin's Dreadstar!

I am reading Dreadstar by Jim Starlin and I am really enjoying the whole title. In fact I did a little bit of "fan" art. Here are the pencils and the inks for a Vanth Dreadstar sketch that will be going out to Dan for all the help he gave me with the type for the second collection layout. I did this on a piece of Bristol (so I can send it out without having to cut up my sketchbook) and I was struck at how I got used to working on a much more fibrous sketchbook paper. It was fun to do all the textures on a smoother surface...much easier.

And here is the cover to a Walt Simonson book that I bought at a used book store. It has some great stories that he drew/wrote for DC back in the early 80's. I have a few of them in their original comics, but this reproduction is much crisper, with better line work being shown, and the coloring is much better (everything go re-colored for this edition). The "Captain Fear" 3-part story, "Dr. Fate", "Batman", and some shorter stories are the best, but "Metal Men" and "Hercules" stories are also fun. Great collection that is rounded off with a cool sketchbook section of DC characters:


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