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Thursday, October 29, 2009

One-a-Day #71

Another piece of "fan art" for teh Dreadstar series. I finished reading all 32 issues and totally enjoyed them. My one regret about this piece is there is not enough..."cosmic" in it. I believe I needed more experiementation with scale of things and the deapth of space to get the right effect.


norm said...

Cool. I like your take on the Ditko-esque weirdness. When most people do it ,it just looks like Ditko (Starlin included) but yours is a neat hybrid that retains your own unique look. (I suppose Nino can do it too....but that's not bad company in which to be.)
So, now you have to draw Dr. Strange for Marvel (along with Warlock)

Alex Sheikman said...

"Drawing Dr. Strange and Warlock"...wouldn't that be be nice :)

I read an issue of Dark Reign by Jefte Palo recently. Nice art, but because I have not been following Dark Reign crossovers I was a bit lost in the continuity...however I did get the idea that Stephen Strange is no longer Sorcerer Supreme and that post has been taken over by Brother VooDoo.